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June 30, 2012
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Z-parasites App: Sarith by J1enX Z-parasites App: Sarith by J1enX
[N ote] :: 1/2 done~ Just need to update Symbiote~! - May add eye drawing when it isn't glowing.



[N ame] :: Sarith.
[G ender] :: Female.
[B irth D ate] :: 30th June.
[A ge] :: Eighteen.

[P ersonality] :: Sarith is a prank-loving late teen – if she's not sitting in the forest, relaxing high in the trees or practicing whatever she feels like, most commonaly her tricks and magic, acrobats or even sparing with her cloest friend, Anne Wild – she's at the Harmony base, hanging on the support beams, coming up with pranks or tricks to entertain her or her friends. Sarith has hardly been seen without her smile or a playful attitude, even when she isn't so good. On some occasions when Sarith is really happy she will do some sort of purr, the same if she's mad, she'll hiss. After some incident when Mission 6 was happening she came back seeming more protective of her friends, she also seemed to of got a weakness to find it harder to hurt a young teen. There seems to be something 'off' about her at times where she'll go especially giggly.
[B ackstory] :: Sarith had always loved magic, tricks and acrobats from a young age, she often learnt something new to do with the tricks, magic and acrobats to eagerly show classmates and her Parents and Brothers! Her family life was good, her Mother and Father was happily married, wanting the best for both her and her two brothers (However at times the Father seemed to spoil the Brother's more – not that Sarith cared. She was happy.), Carter, the older and the younger, Leighton. Her relationships with her siblings was fair, Sarith and Carter always got on well, they were very close. However Sarith's relationship with Leighton was very much diferent. Leighton hated how close Sarith and Carter felt, often feeling lonely and he blamed Sarith. The two however kept their relationship between themselves.
Although on one occasion, which changed everyone's lives in the family, was the day the factory on which the Factory where the Father worked at shut down and the family was thrown into Poverty. To Sarith, the world wasn't so magical anymore, though she kept her smile to try to keep things happy. Her Father did get a new job, though it was horrible! It lead to him drinking, drinking led him to becoming abusesive to Sarith. The Mother tried to protect Sarith as much as possible though, sometimes it worked – other times it didn't.
One day after school time, Sarith was passing through the park and saw something very furry, thinking it was a Hamster Sarith picked up the thing, it turned out to be a parasite and it (Now called Genko.) slipped through her left wrist. Feeling weird Sarith rushed home to where she saw her Father in a rage, attacking her Mother. Sarith, blinded by rage and fear, changed into her symbiote form, and attacked him, killing him. Her mother was shocked, reacting in fear she shouted that Sarith was a Monster. Funny what shock could do to you. Unable to take the shock of what was happening to her, Sarith ran away and joined a traveling circus. There she preformed magic tricks and hid away as part of the circus act, but eventually her secret was revealed by 'A Little Birdie'. She was captured by GG and turned into a Tamed member. She didn't like it, in fact hated it as much as the other Tamed members, she kept to herself in that time. During her time in the Tamed she also lost her memory of her Brothers, Mother and Father from shock. She escaped one day from the Tamed using a trick she learned from the circus. Sarith stumbled across the Harmony soon after and glady joined up.

[E ye A nomaly] :: Bright Aqua eyes that have a tendancy to glow in the dark, no pupils but has 4 black like spikes, on the left, right, upper and lower part of the pupil. Also black Conjunctivas.
[V ein P osition] :: Left Wrist.
[R ole] :: Infectling Soldier.
[P hysically W eak P oints] :: Sarith has a breathing problem which she looses her breath easily, ending up dizzy especially if she gets punched in her stomach. Another weak point is her left wrist, not only because it would bleed a lot if cut but because it's where Genko entered. The other weak point on her is her neck, grab it and she's defenseless. She hates people touching it.

[E xtra] ::
- Nicknames: Trickster, Kid[Zach], Sar, Blue[John].
- Almost always is carrying a pack of playing cards. Her favorite sign is Spades.
- Loves learning, teaching and showing Magic and the Tricks she learns, she has a passion for showing.
- Slightly Insomniac – She can't sleep at night but when she does, it's really hard for her to get up.
- When she finds a friend in someone she will stop at nothing to protect them.
- Due to Zach dying – she refuses to let anyone call her a kid.
- Her Tooth necklace is from her Father, she keeps it to remind herself of him.
- The tags on her trousers symbioses something [Slight Spoiler]- She wears the tag to remind her how she made a stupid mistake from not thinking straight and her Leighton tag reminds her how she did have good times with him but she killed him. Carter to show she ruined his trust by the same reason as Leighton's. They are the same item to remind her.
- Sarith got 'rid' of her last name since being disowned.

[N ame] :: Genko.
[A nimal] :: Otter highbred.
[D ay M ade into P arasite] :: 14th April.

[P ersonality] :: Genko from his own experience he has became not so curious as he was. He often scolds Sarith for being so. He used to be rather fun loving but becoming a Parasite he changed and became less social. He always critisizes what Sarith does if it's only for friends, just so he or her won't die.
[O rigin] :: Genko had a normal life for an otter, he lived in the river near the park Sarith got infected by, Genko was exploring the nearby and he found something shiny. It was a vile of chemicals that was discarded from a failed experiment. Thinking it was just a normal liquid, he smashed the vile by his own curiosity and soon after he was mutated. After it happened he stayed near the river, waiting for someone to pick him up.
[T he I nfection] :: It's in the Human backstory.
[E xtra]
-Genko either loves or hates Sarith's friends.

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Rennaitale Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trickster hé?
please do tell me you have a trick up your sleeve to set the Tamed alight with gunpowder charged playing card.
Firefork and colors, Show me some magic XD
J1enX Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Student General Artist

Sarith :iconcuriousityplz: "Fireworks~?" . . . :iconsatoshismirkplz: "Beautiful idea has come to mind~~"
Rennaitale Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sander: :iconizayasmirkplz: does that idea include a plucky companion for the main charcter, a dramatic action scene, epic jumps and a box of bubblegum?
If yes, call me in on it.
J1enX Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Sarith :iconconfusedneplz: "Of course my friend~ There is two main characters needed for the grand show~!"
Rennaitale Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sander: Epic super teamup thing thingy :icon34nipahplz:
Now, we need a strong horse and a cricketbat and we can set afort on our journay to bitchslap people~
ShinigamiSilver Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
HURR I really gotta make one of these applications. I'm jelly of yours. Yours are awesome.
J1enX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Visual still working on~ Well symbiote but thanks~~
They shall be frieeaannds already-
Sarith will make sure yours will be friends XD

But thanks a lot ;u; But Sar isn't special
terceljr Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
oh wow jesty that looks beautiful.
J1enX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Hopefully easier to draw too-
Module1 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Good job! It's turning out wonderfully!

John: How are you doing that with the cards? WHAT IS THIS GYPSY MAGIC?!
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